Should you be a good loser? #Camnewton #Sb50


My two cents on the subject. As most of you know, I am not a sports freak. I seldom weigh in on anything sports related, however I was at the Super Bowl and this caused me to look at the Cam issue differently. Cam got his team to the super bowl based on his passion, belief and his ability to enroll them into that vision. The team got there under his unconventional leadership style. In a world where we are continuously taught to be politically correct and bite our tongue, it’s refreshingly raw to have someone speak their minds without reservation. If you found yourself offended by his after game interview then I would like you to stop and check yourself to see if you are becoming part of that crowd that is looking for a reason to be offended. For one, if you are on my friends list- I am sure you aren’t one of those.

You have this youngster that “willed” himself to the top of his sport, all the while beatng the more experienced and reserved players. Where the breakdown occurred was when he failed to deliver on the promise to his team. Being an emotionally charged person- he got frustrated when he painfully admitted (more than one time) “we got outplayed”… the repetitive poorly rephrased questions about why it happened and how he felt only added to his frustration.

Instead of blowing up, he walked away. I think that revealed more maturity than the vocal outburst that was building up in him. His facial expression told you what he wanted to say, and he refrained from expressing himself, that is a sign of growth. Remember, the ego is a very fragile thing. Those that harness its power can achieve great things, those that are controlled by it, will find themselves at the mercy of others opinions. It is my hope that Cam learns from this experience and becomes a stronger leader from it, instead of retreating into his ego and lashing out against the haters. As always, I value you and your right to agree or disagree with me. #carolinapanthers #sb50 #panthersnation #broncosoutplayedthem


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