Everything is sales

Everything is Sales

Today let’s talk about “Everything is Sales”. Now I know that there’s a lot of friends and family members that you have out there that go, oh my goodness, I could never do sales. Have you ever noticed that when they say the word “sales” their upper lips sort of lifts up a little bit and it’s like ew you’re in sales. I can understand that but I’ve never been the one that’s afraid of sales. 

I’ve never been the one that said sales is a bad thing. I don’t know, maybe it was just me listening to Grant Cardone early on and realizing that everything is sales. Grant said it once and I used to have a clip on his website that started out where he just went on a rant, you know, Grant’s rant. And he went out there telling everybody listen, and I agree with it completely. Nothing in this world happens until something is sold. There isn’t a thing you’re using today that didn’t get sold. 

So stop and realize that everything that we’re dealing with, the car you’re driving and listening to me with, the headphones that you have in, the phone that you’re listening to this on whether it’s Android or it’s an IPhone. They’re all something that gets sold. There’s an ideal to it, there’s somebody getting out there and pushing this to you through some kind of media that’s saying this is a good thing for you to buy and you should do it, and they give you all the features, advantages and benefits and they sell it to you. So everything is sales. 

I laugh because there’s several of my friends and I believe that your actual income is determined by the people you hang out with the most. And I believe with Dr. Rome that he said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. That’s your income, average of intelligence, of mindset, of income, of everything. So I’m a big believer in that so I’m continuously looking to improve my circle and making sure I am not the smartest or the wealthiest one in my association. 

So there needs to be someone in my group that is as far as income wise, that’s below me. There is one that is above me, and then there’s one that’s side by side. And why is that when I look at this? I want to sit down and say hey I need somebody I need to help so that I can teach them. There’s somebody I need to compete with. I got to compete with somebody and then there’s somebody that I need to mentor me that I can ask the questions of. 

So you need to find that circle and put it together. A couple of guys that are in my circle that we challenged and one of the guys that we compete with all the time, we laugh because we are always out there. We’re the crazy people that are rolling into our neighborhood at 11:00 PM, midnight, 1:00 AM. Why? Because we’re just now getting back from… at some time in the early mornings is when you got to tuck in the hassle. Put it to bed so that you can start to relax. And I laugh because we will sit back and we will go to type out there and watch them do this a couple of times where he goes and types out on his Facebook feed or in his Instagram and he said to everybody, Hey, what’s a good show for me to watch on Netflix or on Hooloo? And he goes and puts that out to everybody. 

And then all these people who aren’t sales people, there are receptionist, there’s account payable, there’s somebody that’s like I’m the CFO of a company. There’s all these people that are out there, all of a sudden start piping in with oh my goodness, the best show to watch is this, this and this, and this show and this show. And I always laugh and I’m like, all these people are telling everybody they’re not in sales and here they are selling hardcore for their show that they make not $1 off of. So they’re out there plugging it and they’re plugging it and they’re plugging it just to simply say that I need to convince you that what I think is good, you think good as well and they’re looking for somebody else to validate that for them and they go, okay, hey hey hey and no answer back. A week later on to the post, and they’ll come back and say, hey did you get a chance to watch it? Why? Because they’re selling. They don’t know what they’re selling but they’re selling a show. But what are they truly selling? They’re trying to sell the fact that we’re the same, and then if you like something that it validates the fact that I liked it and I referred it to you. So hey, I’m a member of your tribe that’s worth some value. And I laugh at that. 

Have you guys ever heard the saying that every time two people meet, one person is sold. Okay. Every time two people meet, one person is sold. I heard this 20 something years ago and I will tell you I said back, yep, I know what that means. I don’t know what that means. It’s the fact that as I’m approaching near five decades on the planet, that all of a sudden I said hey I kind of get that. 

I watch people that come up to you and start talking to you. I’ve had strangers that sat down and are trying to explain to me whether I’m in a Starbucks because you can find me there or if I am… sometimes I take walks if I’m training the company. And during lunch time I’ll take a walk, go outside and just check out the surroundings. And I’ll have strangers come up and talk to me or the people I’m training will stop me and say, hey let me tell you why I’m in a position I’m in now and how I got here. And they will start telling me these things and I look at them and I’m like, okay for one, didn’t ask. I’m not rude. I’m not telling them what is wrong with you? I didn’t ask you anything. But I will sit down and look at them and go, okay I didn’t ask this but why did you have to come and single me out to have the conversation with? And I understand it because at that time I’m the authority figure because I am doing what? I’m throwing out information that their company has decided to pay me. 

So by that definition I am the expert at that point in time. So they will come up to me and say, you know what, I used to do what you did. You know what happened? This happened and this happened, and then this happened or we share the same element of history together, and we do this and that. And you’re like, okay. And I’m listening to them and they go, but this happened to me and this is why I’m here now. And then they nod their head up and down. And you can probably think of somebody that you know right now that does this to you and continuously does this. 

I always call those little people that have to come up and tell you all of their problems and then tell you they’re not even fixing it. They’re just telling you about their problems. And they don’t want a solution, as men we’re trying to fix everything. But not everybody wants a solution. What do they want? They just want you to buy in to what they’re selling. And what they’re selling is that they’re in this situation in life because of the circumstances that happened to them, even if sometimes they’re telling you it’s because of their own decisions. I’m okay with that. But they’re trying to get you to understand that you need to understand this thing about me. This happened to me, this happened to me or I did this and I this, and this is why I’m here and this is why I need you to nod with me up and down. Because they will nod with you. 

I’m telling you, they will nod and nod and nod, and as soon as you nod back and go oh yeah I understand, unconsciously that just allows them to accept where they’re at. And in their mind this is what happens, they go, it could have been different if I had done this, this and this, but I know that so and so and so, agree with me that all this makes sense while I’m here. So it gives them the way out of whatever they’re doing, everything is sales. So they’re selling you, selling you so they can unconsciously relax. 

Subconsciously they don’t have to think about why there were, there at and that they could have controlled it differently or they can change it now. There’s some of them that just will not change and it’s not my job to change you. If you want opportunity to change, reach out to me. I’m all for it guys. You can call me, text me, email me. It’s all there. Everything is on the podcast or YouTube channel. You can find me and there’s a way to get this done right. But all you have to understand is that everything is sales. And if you can make this shift in your head and you go, wow everything is sales. 

If your boss comes in to explain to you about the new Pay plan, don’t they have to sell you on that pay plan? Yeah they do. When they come in and go, hey we’re going to change departments and we need you to go over here. They got to sell it to you. And when they sell it to you and then you buy in, then they go okay great, we got you. We got you to understand what it is we’re trying to accomplish. So do you understand everything is sales? Now what I want you to do is pay attention to everything around you and see what is sales and what is not. Remember that everything you’re using today happened because somebody sold something. So the best paying position out there is sales and it’s the most needed at every time. If you’re really good at sales, you can help any company to achieve their goals. Apple just went over a trillion dollar as a trillion-dollar company. Do you think they’re selling to you? All day every day. 

So that’s what I’m telling you guys, be cautious of what you’re selling to people. Look to see who you’re trying to buy in. I know even after this podcast so many people will reach out to me and leave me messages and go, you know what you said about this, I agree partially but this is why I don’t. Hey I’m okay with that. We can argue all day long. We didn’t have to argue. We can just disagree or we can sit down and have an actual discussion. I invite you to come on. Let’s have this discussion and see where we’re at. But what I want you to do is understand that everybody is fighting for their own limiting beliefs. 

So if you don’t think you’re in sales but you’ve already told four people that they need to go out and try this new muffin from a little bakery that you found, guess what, you’re selling. You just don’t want to categorize it that way. I know that I grew up with my kids. I had to sell to the oldest on how to do homework and why to do homework. I had the next one, the daughter how to drive and explain why it’s better to drive my way than everybody else’s way. 

The third child, I had to explain and sell to him as to why you should be doing everything as quickly as possible so it doesn’t actually take you four hours to do homework, or when it said clean your room, it takes you three and a half hours. I had to sell them on the fact that it’s better to go take the 15 minutes that’s going to make your bed and clean up your room and then go spend the next two and a half hours with everybody or playing something, as opposed to staying in your room finding something to do. And then the baby, the youngest one, I had to sell him on why it’s okay to be the baby and the youngest one and the values that he brings. 

As parents we have to sell our kids on everything that brings them value in the world, because the world will kick you on your way down. So be cautious of what your selling to other people about you, and find a way to sell everybody else on their gifts. And everything is sales. Thanks for tuning in, we’ll talk to you later. Bye, bye.

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