Clean the Lenses!

If you cant see the goal, how can you hit it?

Have you ever taken sun glasses from a small child and looked through the lens’s and all you can see is the smudges and finger prints.  How could the child wear them and still see the world in front of them?

When i asked my son Mason how he could see through such dirty lenses.  He said, “I wasn’t really focusing on the smudges.  I am looking where i am going, and i just look cooler with the glasses on.”
That is the inspiration for this lesson.  As we get older, we tend to end up programmed to look for the smudges, and not the destination.  How often are you driving around with a perfectly clean windshield, and splat! A big juicy bug sacrificed himself for the sake of ruining your driving experience.  From that point forward, you find yourself focused, no, a better word would be infatuated with the remnants of that unlucky insect and how you can no longer see clearly through that spot.  Now stop and ask yourself where else that happens in your life?


How often do you find yourself obsessing on the one part of your life that is broken, instead of appreciating the 90+ percent of your life that is rolling along smoothly.  One of the best things about life is that it keeps going forward.  If life were a car, it would keep driving forward regardless of one tire being low, or not having enough coolant in the radiator.  The latter is any situation, that when you’re going through it, generates more heat than the situation of life needs to be.

How do you change your focus?
It really is as simple as making the decision to see past the smudges in your life, and focus on the large area of crystal clear lens in front of you.  In fact, you need to become “polarized”. Polarized lenses block out the harmful rays of light that can damage your vision and prevent you from seeing clearly long term.  What a great way to look at your life. Polarize yourself to only see the good, and block out the bad. This may seem like a novel idea that cannot be accomplished without a great deal of effort.  Let’s play a game right now.  Read the instructions first, and then do this quick exercise to prove it to yourself.
1. Bring your index finger close to your eye.
2. Stare intently at your finger print
3. Focus on the peaks and valleys, notice how it flows, look intently at any imperfections, or changes in the pattern.
4.  Then, while you are burning that image into your memory, try to picture the color “Red” in your mind.
5.  Your brain doesn’t support picture in picture like high end TV sets.  We can only focus on one channel at a time.
6. You will find that you can only see your fingerprint or the red box/item that you associate with the color red.
7.  Now put the book down and actually do the exercise, this will cement the concept into both your conscious and unconscious mind.

Thank you for completing the tasks above, it really does make a huge difference in your ability to make a committed decision, and have a clear idea of what needs to be done to ensure that you stay congruent with your inner self.

Now I would like you to write down the following on a piece of paper or in the margins of this book.  “I choose to look at what is right with my current situation from this point forward”. Why does this decision work? Because no matter when you say it, it forgives all the times prior that you chose to focus on the negative, and you will find no resistance from that little voice inside your head, because it speaks of your future actions and intent.!/bigjoeingram

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