The Awakening!


I tend to view the world differently than most, for those that know me, this will be no surprise.

While driving down the freeway today I was alerted to a Facebook email.  The email was from a “friend”
(meaning someone that I have developed a kindred spirit and familiarity based on our career,
business dealings, and long established comments on each others posts).  The email contained a
very strange line it.

Do you have a quick minute via voice today?  why was that so strange?  because since the
obvious overtaking of free time by our smart phones, tablets, and laptops we have become a
more silent species.   We are more apt to share a personal moment, feeling or expereince to the
electronic world, as apposed to the person in the cubicle next to us, or across the lunch table


It seems that life has become less than its own validator.  Nothing is truly believed as fact, until it
is posted and “liked” by enough people.  My step son recently changed his “relationship status” to
“In a Relationship”… and the words that left my mouth, were “Wow, it must be serious now!”.

How much time are we setting aside to monitor other people’s lives, and more importantly their
approval or disapproval of our lives.?

I think one day in the future, Facebook will have a shortage of bandwidth or a power failure, and
the truest definition of the ‘Zombie Apocalypse” will occur.  It wont be the walking dead, but it
will be the awakening of a large portion of society emurging from the coma they have been in,
and watching them step outside into the bright sun, eyes squinting, beads of sweat upon their brow.
All the while grunting and pointing at the other like beings around them, because we have forgotten
how to communicate to each other face to face.

Then just like in the movie “Truman Show”  the computers will be turned off, the smart phones will
be used to call someone for more than just birthdays and holidays.  And a bad review of a restaurant
will be told verbally and trusted without Yelp backing you up.  People will go out to the movies, without
a camcorder under their shirt with the intent of uploading it, and music will once again be sold in stores…
HA HA HA – OK, forget the music thing – new artists should just post their music
on their site and let us purchase a download!  (In my humble opinion)
So, if I don’t see you for a couple years (pending a www-crash),

Good morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night!

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