The Pursuit of Perfection


Is there such a thing as perfection?

Some hold it to be the highest pinnacle of completion.  While others like myself believe it to be the excuse that people use to never accomplish anything. Too often the reason for not starting any major accomplishment is the fact that everything has to be perfect before I start.

I have faced this problem in my own life.  For example, my book, I had a dear friend of mine help me greatly by guiding me through the process of creating an audio book.  I finished it in 5 nights.  He sent me the audio files and I contacted a person to transcribe it, and a publisher to help with the cover and distribution.  Then the thoughts of it not being perfect crept into my head.  It delayed my getting it transcribed for almost 6 months now.


I have contacted several transcribers this evening and will be collecting quotes, and completing the transcribing by the end of June 2013.  This will allow me to send a document to the copywriter for editing, and having a book out by Christmas.

What are you holding back from doing?  What area of your life would you want to be better, but haven’t began to change because you think the change wont be big enough to warrant the effort?

The key to accomplishing perfection is to understand that it is a moving target, it is the mirage in the desert that is always just over the next dune.  On your journey towards it, you will progress, and the progression provides a new definition of you, and that pushes the ideal of perfection further away, because you are better than before.  Think of it this way, perfection is always 10 steps ahead of where you are now.  When you take 3 steps forward, you are now 3 steps closer to the previous definition of perfection, and your new viewpoint place perfection 10 steps from your current position.


Lets all be better today than we were yesterday – slow and steady wins the race.  I wish you all much progress and I hope you now have a different view of what is expected of you, and how you can prevent yourself from feeling discouraged.

Remember its all about love!



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